Who goes for No 010?

Maybe you remember this picture i posted back in September 24, 2015

"Hi guys - i know that so many of you wish to sail or even buy this amazing boat named Q23.  It is a pity that we are not yet as far as we would like to be and we have to deal with the fact, that there is just one boat at the moment for testsails.  Not enough: this boat has to be handled with special care, as it is nominated for the European Yacht of the Year Award 2016 taking place in the beginning of October. It has to stay in one piece till then!  But we promise to work hard to get to the situation in the picture as soon as possible - promised."


Doesn’t look too bad after a year – and yes we kept the promise to work hard. 
Many thanks to all of our enthusiastic customers, friends and partners giving true innovation a chance by supporting us generously. You are fantastic!

Tags: Boats, Quant
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