Taller rig for the Production boat

The ability of the Q23 to foil in light conditions is already quite pronounced. To offer even better results in the light we developed a taller rig with a slimmer shape of the sails (elongated sailplan) it will look more or less like this.

With this modification, we think that a take off is possible in around 5kts true - measured on deck height and around maybe 8 kts in the upper part of the main.The ability to foil in lightwind is key to bring more people into foiling boats. Lightwind foiling is pure pleasure and you are able to train your instinct and reflex movements to learn to control the boat when you foil in more breeze once you passed the basic steps. The main will get a reefing point of course.

If you are interested in the boat ask us for information here (direct link) or info@quant-boats.com

Tags: Quant, Boats
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