September 22nd: Last race of season won and also annual championship

The race from saturday was a very nice one although weather was ugly. Once again it was a pure up and down course - to be precise - a triangle course, like in older days. Wind was at the middle level the Q28 is designed for: 6 to 8kts.

Almost perfect take off from the line and then upwind to the first mark. It was very interesting to compare speed and angel with competitors as the conditions were the same for everybody and of course the conditions worked not only in our direction, as not only the Q28, but also all the other modern all purpose lakeboats have there best moments sailing upwind in 8kts. European sailors know the Esse 850 for example as the benchmark for 8.5m Sportsboat and it is a fact that this boat upwind goes amazingly well although it is quite heavy. But experienced lake sailors know: Weight may not be a killing aspect in any case, when sailing upwind in flat water and decent conditions - although this fact is denied in discussions again and again.

Back to the race: There were several Esse yachts around and also X-35 etc. and everybody sailed a long leg in constant conditions after leaving the line. Shifts not clear enough to take advantages by tacking. We constantly did between 6.8 to 7.5 kts same angle as all the faster boats. After some minutes the difference was already surprisingly clear and we rounded the mark after maybe 25 Minutes way in front with second boat at least 5 Minutes behind.
Conclusion for upwind course: There is an obvious and substantial "generation-gap" between a boat like the Q28 and the traditional comparable sized boats.

Downwind of course is different stuff - weight is crucial in any type of conditions and wave pattern. Down to the mark forming the triangle, it was pure downwind. We got there after three jibes leaving the fleet more and more. After this mark first it seemed to be close reaching back to the finishing line. But to my surprise we could leave the A1 kite up and in the best moments we did over 12kts on the foil (one crew less at this stage of the race speed probably would have gone up to 14kts). Competitors got lost in the mist and we had to sail the same triangle another time.

During a heavier rain shower we got stuck in hole while the rest of the fleet was able to catch up. But breeze came back after a while and we crossed the line after 112 minutes of sailing, still 18 minutes in front of the second boat.

All in all a good season: Regional championship won with 419 points (second boat scored 299 points). In 7 out of 8 races, we were first boat over all and in all 8 races we won in the racing division. Together with the results we achieved during the Geneva races this year, the statement may be indicated: "Mission accomplished"

Allianz during the Race of 15th September which she won again.

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