Regional annual Championship 2014 won with the minimum numbers of races

We missed a number of races on our home lake, because we sailed races elsewhere. On Saturday September 20th we therefore had to win the final race. Conditions more or less usual. Nice little breeze in the last hour before the race and as usual - deadsilence shortly after the start. But the breeze came back after half an hour of sailing in the ultra light and the race all in all was quite nice. After a good start we lead the fleet for a while ending in a hole which enabled the fastest competitor to catch up. We rounded first mark as first boat. On the downwind leg we haven't been able to sail away really, which was quite a surprise. Second round with a long pure upwind. The boat went very well and our lead became substantial. We ended first boat home with an advance of almost one leg (of the triangle course). Fastest yacht of the fleet, first boat in the racing division and annual championship won - lot of stuff to carry home.

Tags: Quant, Boats
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