Race on Ascension day

(for North Sails, who wants to know about the performance of their sails)

Dear all,

yesterday we sailed one of the nicest Race I ever did on our Lake. Conditions, we have here once in 20 years or something. Typical for Lake of Zurich on the other hand ? a huge up and Down course once again. Wind from 8 to maybe 12 kts in gusts. Water was almost flat. About 80 Boats.

70% of the time up and 30% down (but really down, no reaching). We went on the foil sometimes for only a short time. All in all maybe for 3 Minutes? Sometimes downwind i think I sailed to deep for the A1 - windex came down:-(

You may say that there was no real competition for us. But the conditions favoured all crews as everybody was able to get the best out of his boat and everbody had the same conditions ? it was a totally fair race. Only the very untalented sailors found a hole to sail into. And for the ones, who know how an Esse (E850 and E990) or an X35 with complete and very nice set of 3DL sails goes upwind in 10kts and flat water - and how Liberas C and Tboats (830) go downwind, should accept, that it is still not so easy for a 8.5 m boat to win by this time ? whether with DSS or without. See sailed times of the fastest yachts here: http://quant-boats.schaffermann.de/media/pdf/a9/87/b0/2ndrace2012.pdf   Starting time was 11am. Our racetime was a bit more than 2hours. Direct distance 12nautical miles.

Pic: Rounding the leeward mark very solo.....

Basic Jib once again fantastic to sail. Easy going and very good speed upwind - also angle. I think a bit more speed is better then going very high. One thing on the jib we had to alter: Zipper was to fine - a bit of a toy: Lead-in broken after 5 times of use - we lost the metal track-feeder). Had to go to the sailmaker to replace it. A1 was maybe a bit flat for this conditions but still very good.



PS When we left in the mooring 1.5 hours before starting time, wind was around 20kts, before dropping againm, when the race got started.. We were practicing with basic jib and 1reef. No problem very good speed upwind. Good to know ? we will make another test with a fractional kite - and then I think you can sail the boat quite easy and properly also in stronger conditions. As Hugh (Welbourn) always said: there is no sense and no need to sail these boats in an overpowered mode also downwind smaller area delivers still enough power. I also think (in races) it is better to sail steadily with about 15 to 19 kts, then testing the high speed barrier of or over - lets say - 23kts.

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