Q28 strikes again: Race on Ascension day (2nd of June), Lake of Zurich

Hi everybody

The course to the wind we had to sail yesterday was ideal for the boat and for us. It was hard work (sails in and out and in and out) but it was not difficult. We didn’t measure the wind. Maybe it was less than we thought (12 to 13 kts?) -  when going over 15kts of speed, true wind plus apparent toghether seems to be more than it maybe really was. I don’t know. We just were placed in the middle of the boat. I do not know yet whether this is ideal or not. The boat is not lifting the bow much - just a bit and it looks quite like a model of a 90‘ racer going fast. You wouldn’t see it too much. And there is almost no wake that the boat produces. It was just hammering through the short chop. The whole boat is lifted by the foil and balanced by the volume in front. The transom is about 3cm above the water. Useing some gusts (boatspeed going up to 17kts) we easily put almost 20 minutes between us and the next boat (much bigger one with trapezes and all the „schnick-schnack“ (knick -knack) in just 85 minutes of racing (Results).

The starting procedure i did was once again a total failure. On our way through the fleet to the lead we had to pass at last a much bigger boat with a huge mast (compared to ours) on leeward side, maybe 10-15m meters only. The gust fell in, off we went and there was no influence from the boat to weather. They almost fell overboard. It was about 600m before we had to round the first mark. While sailing this distance we put about 250 m between us and this big boat – amazing. People looking from the shore told me that it looked a bit like a catamaran sailing, when we were pulling the trigger in the gusts.

It was not really much wind in average but gusty and even in these peaks the boat is comparably easy to handle and surprisingly stable. It sure is not for beginners but if you (and the crew of course) can handle a dinghi of  the lifeliness of a laser or something, you can also sail this boat when manouvering doesn’t have to be very quick. Doing up and down races with short legs in 20kts will be of course a different story – but also sitting in normal quick and modern sportsboats this is not so easy.

See you - and have a nice day


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