June 2016 Meanwhile on Lake of Garda: The "Duke of Hazzards" has a lot of new friends.

June 2016
Meanwhile on Lake of Garda: The "Duke of Hazzards" has a lot of new friends.

As you all know - the almost legendary orange Q23 is sailing in the Stickl Sportscamp almost everyday as they do most of their foiling lessons on this boat - which in a way it is natural and logical as this boat is the one which gets you on foils very quickly.

Here is a quote from Roberto Camagni, Italy - another new friend of the Duke:

Dear Michael,
compliment again for the project: the Quant 23 is really exiting, performing and - very important feature - easy to sail.
The acceleration is amazing and the feeling is to have everything under control, also when running at more than 15 kts; I was also surprised by the capability of the boat to forgive mistakes and to avoid any possibility of canting over with the bow.
As I was told, the next boats will have further improvements, like the additional blade below the rudder foil (avoiding to loose the steering capability) and a more effective system to lift up the main foils (important during tacking)....and additional 600mm of mast (I hope with the possibility to reef...).
I used to race with Meteor, UFO22, J24 and Melges 24....but Quant23 cannot be compared: are you thinking to a one design class?
I live few kilometres from Lago Maggiore, so beautiful in terms of views but with light wind conditions: I believe Quant 23 could be a perfect boat here. Have you ever thought to have a boat here as demo, doing the main races of the area?
I write this because, last Saturday, while flying with the Q23, all the other boats were taking pictures and videos of us...I am sure I can find something on Youtube.
Unfortunately the price is quite far from the budget I have now for a boat, at least for a 23ft, but I am aware that Q23 is not a "normal" boat - I am trying to involve some crew members and previous sponsors, but the operation is just at the beginning.
Any suggestion is welcome.
In the meantime I am planning another test day with a colleague - as I wrote, once you sail at 19kts (without capsizing), everything else is boring.

Best regards,

Mai 2016

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