From "Calanda" out of a Q30 thread on

From "Calanda" out of a Q30 thread on

We (two Melges24 sailors and a Finn-Dinghy Olympian) have had the pleasure to spend some hours on this beauty on lake Zurichsee/Switzerland. We have not been able to use the foils due to light winds (0-4 kts), but: What a nice lake racer! Quality of building and the equipment used are absolute top from what we could see. (Definitively way above Esse or Melges.)

The layout, including the beautiful rigging form Applied Composites is just perfect for the purpose to sail with a crew of 3 to 5 on central European Lakes in often very light or moderate winds. For me, it is fascinating to see a boat "generating it's own wind" to such a degree.

All lines are on deck and it still looks clean and spacey. Steering and trimming the Quant is a challenging joy.

The guys from Quant-Boats obviously had a clear vision for what the boat should be able to do and they have the right (Suisse like) feeling for quality.

Congratulations so far to Michi and Max. We are eager to test the foils!

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