Foil's going in: "The proof of the Pudding"

To test something after construction in your brain, on the paper and then in the computer you need to experience it yourself in full scale. This is what we did these days with the new foil drive system - and in fact we are very happy with the outcome.

Even in the dry the foils are amazingly easy to move. Have a look at the pics. They show the test arrangement to find out where the lines have to pull and where the guiding wheels have to be positioned etc.

The finetuning will make sure that the strings cannot get looped over the guiding wheels, blocks etc. There will also be a plastic strip over the whole length to protect the trailing edge of the foil and additional friction reduction. When wet the system will work even smoother.

Foils assorted in the hull after mounting of foil cases, which are behind the bulkhead on the upper edge of the pic

Strings to retract the foil into the hull. The whole installation with blocks and guiding wheels is provisional, just to to move around to see what the whole geometry looks like in the ideal position.

Position, when foil is fully extended or deployd. the yellow line is lying on a part of the actual foilcase.

Tags: Quant, Boats
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