First Meeting of the little Quant30 Fleet

Hi guys

We had a good weekend here in Ascona, although wind was low. We were choosing this spot with the expection to find some thermal wind, which usually blows on this lake as long as the weather is nice. Nevertheless the meeting turned out to be very effective. Daniel (Schroff) from NorthSails Switzerland did a great job coaching us ? a lot of benefit for everybody thanks to his vast experience.

The learning curve for the new teams was steep ? for our team it was an opportunity to warm up ? first get together of our core crew members. The boat now has a good ground set up you can comfortably live with also as a base for future development.

It was quite impressive to see the boats sailing in a little fleet and even for me it was amazing how fast things develop on a starting line in just 3 to 4kts of true when one boat is approaching from one side and the other from the opposit - each boat going 7kts and more with wind from the side ? the short starting line we had, got even shorter. Basic speed not as on comparably sized catamarans but definitely way over any modern monohull i know at the time.

This boat in its natural environement is a real rocketship and it is comparably simple to handle and to drive ? this is what makes us happy and proud. I think developing a just a fast boat, is comparably easy. But to create a fast boat, easy to sail and comfortable for the crew, you have to burn some brain-lard as we say (hope there is some left Hugh?mine is almost gone).

You all can be proud of what you contributed to the project ? each of you. Sofus (Pedersen) - the sail designer from NorthEurope said in the end, that he didn’t believe the boat to be as fast as Henrik (Soderlund) told him. Downwind yes - but not upwind. He changed his mine and he said that he thinks there is no boat of this size and caracter around at the time which can compete with a Q30 in conditions this boat is made for.

We also had some sailors around marvelling at the boat, taking pictures and asking stuff. The surrounding was nice and quiet and we had this part of that gorgeous lake just for us. Also the harbour was perfect for our needs, hotel five walking minutes away. I think we will do it again next year.

Lets see what comes next

Thanks to all of you and cheers

Michi & Max

click on pic for video  

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