Excursion to the Boatyard building 3 new Quant30 (21st to 23rd March 2013)

1st pic: This is the 1:1 plug of the Q30 (positive to produce negative mould) that have been milled, laminated and polished in February 2013. It shows the future boat and it will be destroyed after being used as a template for construction of the trailer. Ryan an Martin are holding the rack to show proportion. Also note the foil on starboard. The other carbon parts to the right is a complete set of bulkheads and stringer to be put into the hulls coming out of the mould.

2nd pic: The mould, just before the production of the first hull starts. It is designed to be able to take out the hull in one piece, with deck, stern and bowsprit with the goal to have identical hulls and lower the labour hours. The brown colour of the inside is a mylar film. This is done to pass the process of waxing the mould.

3rd pic: The whole group (new owners and other interested people) is visiting the famous Cape Lizard - in the moments when the sun came out the only time during the trip. Fascinating and interesting place with a rich history.

4th & 5th pic: Our Hotel "the Hawthorne Dene" in Falmouth - cool place

6th pic: Aldo having breakfast in the dining room above and the living room below

Tags: Quant, Boats
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