Everybody loves the Quant23 - even Minitransat-Winners!

Benoît Marie tested the Q23 on my lake - pretty light air, as usual. This is what he said about his latest sailing experience:

I want to say a big THANK YOU for the test ride on the Quant 23, I was truly amazed of the performance and the sensation you get on this boat. But what strikes me mostly is the ease of use of this boat. No need to be a pro to sail it. I would actually take my mother or my partners for a sail very easily, to give them the thrill of flying without fearing a big crash that usually happen painfully on other flying boats. Now, flying in 6-7 kts of wind on a keelboat is something I would never expect... But you nailed it perfectly ! Well done, I think this product has a great future, even in sailing school, you can just bring everyone to the foiling world in this boat... A big BRAVO !!!

Tags: Quant, Boats
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