European Yacht Award Tests in Santa Margherita Oct 6th - 9th are over.

The week was very productive and a lot of new contacts are the result. Sailing was not so good in the beginning but Thursday mostly in the afternoon, we had some good runs.

We learned a lot more about the boat because the water was quite choppy and we saw that the boat can handle this much better than we first thought. We quickly developped some new techniques to fly the boat also in such conditions.

Attention was up and the boat also here was a little sensation.

Now we have to wait until January (Boatshow Dusseldorf) where the prizegiving for the winners will take place. The first days weather was quite humide though warm - and foggy as you may see here and winds around 3 to maybe 5 kts. Definitely not enough to fly. Even with only two light guys on board. We have been practizing the sportsboat-mode, which for us was quite useful.

Tags: Quant, Boats
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