End of "espisode one": Time to look back and forth and time to say "Thank you all ".

With some nostalgic feeling we have to accept that last Saturday we maybe sailed our last race on the Quant28 "Allianz" - this truly marvellous and exceptional little sportsboat - almost perfect from the beginning and the fright of the much bigger lakeracers in Geneva and elsewhere (but look out - we will come back with a boat maybe even faster all in all...).

It is the moment to thank all the helping hands and supporters around the team again. Thanks goes to my sponsor "Allianz" and there especially to Luca then of course to Max to be my patient partner and also to Hugh and Kos, always there with fruitful suggestions - especially around sail development together with the experienced people from Norh Sails...and of course also to Gordon who has the ability to cheer you up in annoying situations (which he knows best himself).

This early and impressive success of the Quant28 and the high profile of Quantboats after only two seasons is the result of a perfect teamwork, all the more if you take size and budget of this special and innovative lakeracer-campaign into consideration.

But above all i have to thank my crew: Jan, Philipp and Claudio always around, always reliable but also Roger and Juerg to be there, when needed. It was a pleasure to sail with you and we also had a lot of fun (at least most of the time:-) on this boat and i hope you will help to speed up the new 30footer again next season and beyond. And last but not least my thanks also go to my wife Ellen for showing her sympathetic side when the issue is "Quantboats".

Now the as we have to concentrate on the Q30 

The Q28 will remain an exclusivity - a true thouroughbred and especially downwind she may remain faster in the hands of a good crew in demanding situations - be it in weak or tough conditions.

We all wish her a bright future in the hands a skillfull crew with many more races to win - wherever on the world this may be.

Hang loose and please come back to "Quantboats Newsletter"


Glowing fully on the foil on the Quant28: Constantly doing 15 to 17kts in 12 to 13kts true, just sitting on the racks doing nothing but enjoying an experience you never knew before on a monohull.

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