DSS or not DSS - that is the question


Nice to learn that other "people" also learn about things we already know since quite a while. A clear certificate for us to be on a good track.

DSS or not DSS that's the question - it possibly will be food for the lawyers.
In my eyes a clear case. If you just cut of the vertical part of the foil - which i guess is there to overtake the role of the conventional daggerboards - a pure DSS foils remains. But let's see. We all know that what seems to be evident for "normal" people doesn't necessarily have to be the case for smart lawyers.
For me as a DSS addict i hope they will have to pay their duty in the shape of a licence fee like we all had or have to...independent of who the creators of this boat are - even if they are coming from Verdier VPLP.

Hang loose


Tags: Quant, Boats
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