A quote about the project from C-tech (NZ)


This has been one of the most exciting sailing projects I have ever been involved in , in over 26 years
in this industry. The concept is just so original and it is absolutely fantastic that you are getting such amazing speeds so early in the project.

Our staff morale has risen every time I show them your photos and I read them your reports, everyone here has loved to be involved.

Thank you very much for the feedback it is really appreciated by everyone here and we will really be looking forward to direct feedback on the rig once you have it dialled in. Fraser certainly thought we are on the right track with the rig but we are not too sure about using it without the lower stays (I believe they got in the way of the foils?)

All the best mate and sincere congratulations on where you are now.

Best Regards

Tim Willetts
C-Tech Ltd
PO Box 71-131 Rosebank 1348
Auckland, NZ.

Tags: Quant, Boats
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