1st September 2013: Racing the Q30

After two races on home territories the first indication is "business as usual".

Last race on Saturday was going over around 10nm, around 60 participants and in the light (also business as usual). But conditions turned out to be much nicer than forecast. Between 4 and 8kts true.

The race was interesting, as everybody sailed in the same conditions - quite steady. So it was easy to compare speed and angles.

After an excellent take off, the new boat sailed away from the pack as it has to be. Speed and angle upwind was very good even with the selftacking jib, which is thought for use in more wind. We wanted to combine this sail with the Masthead-Jib, a most powerful sail. To my surprise and unlike the 28' the new boat can carry this sail up to 6kts true without beeing overpowered too much. As soon as instruments are up and calibrated we will have to make tests to learn more about vmg and when to use which headsail. The only thing we have to work on is luff tensioning on the masthead jib, as there we see more room for improvement.

Downwind same story as always - gap to fleet got bigger and bigger, thanks to higher speed and deeper sailing. During the last upwind we again found some nice patches and shifts and thanks to good tacking we ended around 15 minutes in front of the second boat after 92 minutes of sailing. Quite ok. to start with.


Tags: Quant, Boats
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