...and here comes the missing racereport of Bol d'Or 2012 from the perspective of the Quant28 "Allianz" (full version in english)

Geneva-Rolle-Geneva was a very good race for us (see racereport http://quant-boats.schaffermann.de/media/pdf/eb/e9/84/RacereportG-R-G_E_2012_000587a4cb5b5a65.pdf ). So far so good. But everybody wanted to see, how the ?Allianz“ Q28-Team would end in the big race ? the 74th Bol d’Or - and the expecations were quite high. Is this boat and its performance showing during Geneva-Rolle-Geneva just a mayfly, or is it really able to keep up with much bigger boats over a longer race?

The pressure was on us: Another good result would help to promote the new Q30 and shut some more skeptical voices. Forecast for the raceday was quite optimistic, with westerly breeze up to 20kts. This means a very fast downwind to Evian, then some more or less chaotic hours and then westerly breeze again. I didn’t believe in this forecast ? there wasn’t an explanation where this wind should come from and if - then later in the day and not around starting time. I learnt to be half right and half wrong.....more here 

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