Bol d'Or Magazine on the occasin of the 75th anniversary of this legendary race.

Dear all

For those who do not know: Geneva is one of the regions in Switzerland where sailing really is something that matters. This spot still is one of the more important locations worldwide, when it comes to lakeracing. So many innovations for lakeboats are rooting in Geneva or Lake of Geneva.

Positive proof that Geneva has a rich sailing-culture. Zurich ? where i come from ? also has a nice lake but hasn’t the same sailing spirit.

If now a sailor from Zurich, with a little unconventional sportsboat of just 28‘ manages to get into the fancy new Bol d’Or-Magazine with two pics and a caption calling the boat ?a sensation“ ? then you are tempted to say: ?We made it“!  Have a look at the pdf:

 All the more as there are so many interesting and headturning boats fighting for recognition ? most of them are much taller and most of them are Geneva based.

Line honours in the class and 7th monohull over all after more than 21hours of sailing is a good result after victory (both real and corrected time) in the rehearsal race the weekend before the Bol d’Or. The Q28 proved being not only incredibly capable for her size, but also is she relatively easy to sail and extremely simple to maintain and to move.

This is what we in Zurich are calling a real progress. The Q28 is clearly symbolising a new generation of sportsboats, fast, handy and a boat for any passionate sailor.

My thanks go to everybody who made this possible, believing in Hugh Welbourn‘s DSS-System and Design and also in the QuantBoats-Lakeracer-Project ? and of course to our sponsor ?Allianz-Suisse“.

This letter also is the perfect occasion to announce that the former Allianz-Q28 has now found the right habitat:
A talented crew from the SNG is the new owner of this marvellous pocket-rocket and they now have to prove their abilities and skills, to make the boat even faster.

But don’t worry, our team will come back, trying to sail as fast as before but with a boat even simpler and easier to sail.

So please wait to welcome the new Quant30 ? unluckily not yet sailready for the 75th anniversary of the Bol d’Or.

See you soon and have a nice sailing season


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