Hot toy

The Q23 in "Vintage-Powerboat-Look" is done. Good job, many thanks to the girls from "Bickel Reklamen" and for the boys sailing the toy - unlimited fun is lying ahead:-)
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Who goes for No 010?

Maybe you remember this picture i posted back in September 24, 2015
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As a DSS addict from the very beginning - this is a great day for me. I knew about the project for quite a while and wasn't allowed to talk about.
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3 Nov 2016: ...and there goes another one, many thanks guys"Wir, zwei Plausch-Katamaran-Segler, waren nun mehrmals mit der Quant 23 probesegeln, die ersten zwei Schläge zusammen mit ?Cracks“, dann alleine. Unsere ersten freien Momente auf der fasziniere...
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