The Quant23 as "a role model for a new generation of sportsboats"

For me it never was totally clear how to describe the type of boats we did with the Q23 and now again with the Baby-Quant. Just saying it is an easy to foil boat is not enough or precise - and saying with the Q23 you get "2 boats in 1" is in way true but it does not help to really understand neither.

As we decided to take part in the "Interboot 2017" (2nd biggest Boatshow in Germany) the organizers asked me to talk once a day in front of interested visitors of the show. I was free to choose the topics. The title of my presentation was "Foiling - nothing for me?"

I wanted to tell and show the audience that foiling a sailing boat can be comparably easy as long as you choose an appropriate type of boat - which i think our boats are.

During this work i finally found a way to describe what the Quant23 really is - not more and not less then "a role model of a new generation of sportsboats"! This means it is not a specialized device like most foilers of today are, but a real Allround-Boat with a wide range of conditions you can go sailing. It is a boat with a very high value what the user-benefits are concerned.

The basic reason for this is its capability to sail in all 4 known sailing modes, like displacement-sailing, planing, sem-foiling (skimming) and full-foiling. This is absolutely unique for the time being and only possible thanks to the Q-Foil-System designed by DSS.

Have a look at the clip

I posted a copy directly on my fb account to see that after a couple of days it showed over 35'000 clicks and was shared about 240 times, which i think it's quite amazing


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